Here you will find technical blogposts. These often require some knowledge of some programming language.

Some of the topics covered here will be tools, tricks, hacks or experiments.

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Terraform Modules & Private Repositories

Terraform Modules & Private repositories A common way of sharing terraform code is by using modules. However, modules often end up extracted into a separate repo. This starts to create issues when integrating with a CICD tool as the tool needs to have access to all modules in order to download them. For example, let’s assume we have the following module imported into our terraform configuration: module "abc" { source = "git@github. »


AWS & MFA Amazon Web Service is a key threat for hackers. If hackers have access to your AWS account, they can endure you a tremendous cost. The trend has been to use AWS credentials found online (through an unwanted commit, or other means) to spin up EC2 instances that mine on some kind of blockchain. One way to mitigate the risk, which Amazon recommends, is to use MFA (Multi Factor Authentication). »


Environments When developing a piece of software, it is important to think of what kind of environments you may need. Here are a list of questions targeted at helping you identify the needs: Where do you develop? Locally On the we Where do you run you tests? Specific machine Load tests Test-suite Regressions Where do you test a feature that has not been merged? Where do other people test your code? »

Pull Request as a Skill

Pull Request as a skill As Github gets more and more traction (yes! I’m writing this blogpost on Github) some things I’ve learned as an engineer is that not everything is a given. For example, reviewing a pull request (or code in general). I’ve been lucky to have a manager who taught me the importance of a reviewer. It is not somebody who just looks at the code, gives a thumbs up and moves on. »

FactoryGirl (1-1)

FactoryGirl (1-1 Associations) This blog post goes about a common problem I’ve haven’t found much documentation on. It follows issues mentioned of multiple places like here and variations of it. I’ve written some code to illustrate the problem on my Github FactoryGirl-Problem to accompany this. Problem How to create factories such that the association is a 1-1, and all models can be created independently. Models # app/models/user.rb class User < ActiveRecord::Base has_one :profile end # app/models/profile. »