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Here you will find stuff relating to becoming a better engineer. This covers Software Engineering as a discipline: how people work together, how to make an efficient team, etc.

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Acceptance Criteria

Ticket Acceptance Criteria User story: As an engineering manager I want well written acceptance criteria so that completion for a task is well understood, being met, and providing desirable output. This will save time and money in additional effort being required for additional tasks or fixing undesired behavior. It will lead to happy stakeholders that are having their needs fulfilled. Acceptance Criteria: The stakeholders have read and agreed to acceptance criteria to meet the desired outcome. »


Communication When discussing between people, many assumptions are made. It is important to make those assumptions explicit. For example, let us take a house. Can you picture it? Yes? How do you know that you are picturing the same house as me? Let me describe you the house I was imagining and you tell me if it was the same: My house had the following: 243 square meters 4 bedrooms 3 windows a chimney 2 floors … You see the point! »