I currently work as a software engineer with emphasis on backend engineering for SaaS companies.

I believe good design, thought out projects and well written and tested code is a key to growth and maintainability. This can be observed in many aspects of how I write code. That when designing code, one should consider amongst others: risk, monitoring, alerting, auto-recovery (fault tolerence), maintainability, scalability. Some of those topics are described in more details in the blog.


E-mail: wahl77+web@gmail.com

Website: frankywahl.com

Tel: +1 415 425 7144


New Relic

October 2013 - April 2016

Software Engineering

San Francicso, USA

Major contributor to designing and implementing a highly available, scalable, monitored and secure business services that combine to assemble the SaaS infrastructure of the company, taking the company from being a start-up to a public company.

  • Designed a reporting service from inception to multiple releases. Implemented Domain Specific Language (DSL) for abstracting reporting from heterogeneous data sources. The service is critical to reporting for monthly and quarterly finances of a public company.

  • Worked on breaking up monolithic architecture towards a mircoservices architecture. This has had an immediate benefit that reduced time to add a product to SaaS infrastructure from three software engineers working three months to one software engineer working less than a week

  • Created a secure portal for enterprises and partners to manage accounts, written in Angular and interacting with a Ruby backend, it has become a key to major revenue sources

  • Found and fixed multiple security vulnerabilities (leading to recognition by the security teams amongst others)

  • Developed a process and environment towards a continuous integration - continuous delivery system (CICD), enabling 1-click deploy of a service. This includes testing, staging, and production systems.

  • Improved deploy processes to prevent runtime failures (a factor leading to a second consecutive quarterly bonus)

  • Introduced new technologies that made handling background tier a simpler task

  • Collaborated with team members, always available to provide extensive knowledge in several areas including Ruby, Ruby on Rails, domain knowledge and code base

  • Worked in an agile process with sprints and retrospectives from a prioritized backlog. Provided feedback on acceptance criteria, further decomposition of stories and estimating. Worked closely with product manager to identify next features to build.

  • Evaluated candidates for software engineer and engineering manager positions that included preparation, interview and feedback

  • Onboard of new hires to successfully transition and become effective fully integrated team members

  • Technologies: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Angular, Docker, Git, SQL (MySQL and PostgreSQL), Redis, PagerDuty, Jira, Jenkins

Institite for Computing Systems Architecture

May - December 2010


Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Worked as part of a team on the parallelisation of an embedded processor, upgrading the simulator

  • Worked on asynchronous systems using MPI, Pthreads, OpenMP and cache coherency protocols

  • Measured simulated performance in terms of power, speed, memory required

  • Technologies: C, C++, Subversion

Banque Mirabaud

Summer 2007


Geneva, Switzerland

Internship in the Hedge Fund department

  • Found IT solutions to automate reporting activities


Summer 2006


London, United Kingdom

Four-week internship in a digital photo company for manufacturer of developing equipment

  • Exposure to digital market analysis and an insight to the field of automated vending machines

Album Comic

Summer 2003


Paris, France

Sales intern in one of Paris' shop


General Assembly

June - August 2013

Web Development Immersive

San Francisco, USA
  • Acquired framework knowledge by building from ground up mutliple little webapps

Univerisity of Edinburgh

2006 - 2011

Masters of Engineering with Honors Electronics & Computer Science

Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • First class degree (equivalent to Summa Cum Laude) & only student to successfully complete the degree within 5 years

  • Technologies: Java, C, MIPS Assembly, Verilog, Bash

Collège de Candolle

2002 - 2006

Graduate ‘Maturité Suisse’

Geneva, Switzerland
  • 1st prize in physics and applied mathematics

  • Includes an erasmus year (2003-2004), studying 6 months at Magdalen College School, Oxford, UK and 6 months in Bunsen Gymnasium, Heidelberg, Germany

Collège Saint-Louis



Geneva, Switzerland

Notre Dame du Lac



Geneva, Switzerland


  • Open Source Projects:

    Open Source:

    Personal Open Source:

  • Reading: Politics, philosophy and current events
  • Sports: Tennis, martial arts, skiing and snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, most of them at a competition level
  • Academic: Model United Nations


  • English: Fluent
  • French: Fluent
  • German: Advanced knowledge
  • Spanish: Basic knowledge